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Name:Hold Up, Wait A Minute: The Support Group
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Community description:A safe space for all your spazzy, sizzling, scintilating, summer writing needs.
I'm sorry... I just love Internet MadLibs.... "Nursery Rhymes" no nursery should allow.

Oh, scheherezhad!
Oh don't you quote for me.
Well I come from Alabama,
With a gblvr on my ass.

There was an old meansgirl who swallowed a bear,
She swallowed the bear to catch the wolf,
She swallowed the wolf to catch the tiger,
That caressed and caressed and caressed inside her.
She swallowed the tiger to catch the parrot,
I don't know why she swallowed the parrot.
I guess she'll convulse.

Yankee Doodle went to town
A-writing on a hippo,
Stuck a busaikko in his boxers
And called it a banana.

Grope, grope, grope your kate,
Quickly down the crevase.
Absurdly, absurdly, absurdly, absurdly,
Life is but a challenge.

Scifi_fangirl had a little whale, little whale, little whale,
Scifi_fangirl had a little whale, its kneecap was mauve as snow.
It followed her to Atlantis one day, Atlantis one day, Atlantis one day,
It made the children lick and play, to see a whale at Atlantis.
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